Hi, I’m Steve, an online affiliate marketer trying to carve out enough residual income to quit my corporate day job. In pursuit of making this online entrepreneurial dream a reality, I’ve researched hundreds of affiliate programs looking for the “best niche affiliate”. Unfortunately, I’ve done a horrible job keeping track of each affiliate program’s details and all I have to show for my efforts is a few dilapidated spreadsheets and dozens of sticky notes I can barely read.

Now that I am starting to run my affiliate marketing hobby like a business, I knew I had to come up with a better way to track the associate programs I come across… that is when I decided to start Affiliate Lister.

AffiliateLister.com is an online Affiliate Program Directory that caters to website owners and affiliate marketers. The platform makes it easy to find, compare, and signup for quality associate programs.

Website owners can also add their partner program to to the Affiliate Lister Directory for FREE! Outside of the directory, there are guides and blog posts with helpful affiliate information and tips. 

Chances are you may have a similar story to mine. You probably want to “make it online” but do not know where to start, or, you have a footing in the online space and simply want another no-BS resource to make life easier. Whether you are an affiliate marketing newbie or seasoned pro, I’m sure you will be able to glean something useful from this site.

Please see how you can Support Affiliate Lister and let’s have fun making money together!