Affiliate Programs from the World’s Top Brands

I’m always on the lookout for the best affiliate niche to promote. Usually, this means an associate program with a subtle uniqueness, medium competition, and has not reached full market saturation. I’d say most online marketers use similar criteria when deciding on their next venture, however, going down this path has it’s pros and cons.

With no-name affiliate programs, you must build a brand from scratch and establish trust with your audience. This is no small task and is the primary reason why most marketers fail – it takes too much time, boredom kicks in, and we move on to the next project.

On the flip side, if you find the right angle and become an authority for your niche, it is fairly easy to dominate the market and take advantage of every lucrative opportunity that presents itself.

Recently, I came across the Brandirectory’s article on the 100 Most Valuable Brands. I was curious as to whether the world’s top brands ran active affiliate programs, and I was surprised to find about 20% did.

Affiliate Programs from World’s Most Trusted Brands:

I see the benefits of promoting a well known brand. These mega companies spend millions of dollars on advertising each year and because they are household names, you don’t have to worry about establishing trust or brand recognition.

Most online marketers have dabbled with the Amazon and eBay affiliate programs and had great success, but I’m still not convinced the same results would be experienced with partner programs provided by sites like Target, Lowes, and SAP.

I’m playing with the idea of promoting a top brand affiliate program with one of my next micro sites. If you have promoted any of the programs above (or other mega affiliates), please add your comments below as I’d love to hear about your experience and results.

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